Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) assessment work requires lots of data, knowledge, and methodological tools, and in turn also produces a lot of data and information that is broadly relevant to conservation. Join us to learn about the data that we have amassed within the Canadian KBA initiative, how we have used it to understand Canadian biodiversity at the national and subnational scales, and what products are becoming freely available to the conservation community through this work. Chloé Debyser, Lead Data Analyst in the KBA program at WCS Canada, will provide an overview of the KBA program’s data infrastructure and discuss how she is using it to scope potential KBAs throughout Canada. Christine Terwissen, National Coordinator of the Ecosystem Based Automated Range map (EBAR) program at NatureServe Canada, will present how her team assembled Canadian biodiversity datasets that are being used to develop hundreds of range maps for species across Canada. Juan Zuloaga, a post-doctoral fellow at McGill University (working with Professor Andrew Gonzalez), will present a tool that they developed to identify the most likely places for KBAs on a landscape.