The Canadian Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) Coalition welcomes the involvement of all organizations with an interest in, and ability to further, the identification and delineation of KBAs and the integration of KBA information into the biodiversity decision-making processes of governments, industry etc.

The membership of the Canadian KBA Coalition is open to individuals from the following organizations and stakeholder groups:

  • National representatives of the KBA Partners
    • IUCN
    • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada
    • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Canada
    • Birds Canada
    • Nature Canada
    • NatureServe Canada
  • Other organizations and scientific institutions holding relevant data or expertise
    • Provincial and Territorial Conservation Data Centres
    • Universities/labs with relevant databases
    • Consulting groups
    • Non-governmental organizations
    • Indigenous organisations
    • Research partnerships
  • Relevant government departments and agencies
    • Federal Agencies and Departments
      • Environment and Climate Change Canada
      • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
      • Parks Canada
    • Provincial and Territorial Governments
  • Private sector organizations and industry associations holding relevant data on KBAs
  • Indigenous peoples and local communities, and groups able to reflect those perspectives at a national scale, e.g.
    • Indigenous Circle of Experts
    • Indigenous Leadership Initiative
    • National/provincial/territorial indigenous leadership groups

The work of KBA Canada is overseen by a Management Committee made up of representatives from member organizations.

More Information

Get Involved

For more information on getting involved, please contact Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne, Canada KBA Coordinator.



KBA Coalition members participate in their individual capacity as experts and contributors to the process, and the formal endorsement of the KBA process and results by their organizations is not a necessary requirement of membership.

Upon joining the KBA Coalition, members will have the opportunity to contribute in the following ways:

  • support the establishment and ongoing activity of a KBA Coalition that functions as a national coordination group within the global KBA community;
  • participate in the design and implementation of a process to identify KBAs in Canada, including national adaptation of the global Standard;
  • provide or facilitate access to data, and scientific expertise to the process of identifying KBAs in Canada where possible;
  • conduct outreach on KBAs in Canada within their networks, e.g., engaging Canadians in understanding the importance of KBAs in biodiversity planning and conservation;
  • Support and where possible, facilitate, the consideration of Indigenous Knowledge in identifying and delineating KBAs; and
  • work collaboratively to raise resources to allow for KBA identification.

KBA Coalition members may bring one or more of the following skills to the process:

  • understanding of the KBA Standard and KBA identification process;
  • experience and knowledge of the conservation and management of sites;
  • data and expertise regarding the distribution and abundance of Canadian biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • knowledge of biodiversity conservation planning; and/or
  • governance, leadership and program planning experience.


Faced with a growing extinction crisis, the accelerating impacts on habitats and food chains of climate change, and an ever-growing human development footprint, countries around the world have recognized that more must be done to protect rapidly declining biodiversity.