This webinar explores the technical processes used in identifying Key Biodiversity Areas in Canada. Jaime Grimm of WCS Canada walks through the steps for identifying and delineating a KBA, using an example case. She discusses the types and sources of data used to calculate the quantitative thresholds necessary to meeting KBA criteria, guidance on how to delineate a site and the process of nomination and review for each potential KBA. Maria Leung, a science and knowledge advisor to the KBA Canada Coalition, and coordinator of the KBA initiative in Yukon, will presents on how a regional effort to identify KBAs across Yukon is being conducted. Starting from how candidate species and sites were identified, Maria discusses data collection and distillation, participation in the process, and the final outputs – a set of KBAs for a diversity of species, ranging from rare plants and a tachinid fly to endemic fish and barren ground caribou.