This dashboard is updated in real time and shows the coordinates for sites where potential Key Biodiversity Areas are being identified across the country.

Click here for the full-page dashboard.

The work to identify KBAs in Canada is ongoing and sites may be added and removed from this dashboard as they are proposed and reviewed by experts. Once a site is confirmed to qualify as a KBA, broader outreach to rights holders and stakeholders will occur. If you have comments or questions about a specific site, please get in touch. Large geographies lacking coordinates may have KBAs in progress that are not yet be uploaded to our database (e.g. Québec).

This dashboard excludes KBAs that have been identified for birds (currently known as Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas or IBAs). Birds Canada is reassessing all IBAs using KBA criteria and is developing the Canadian KBA database that will soon house information and data for all KBAs (i.e. KBAs identified for all qualifying taxa and ecosystems). Currently you can visit the IBA database here.