Team Spotlight: Meg Southee, GIS Analyst and Spatial Data Manager (WCS Canada)

June 2021

Meg Southee is a GIS Analyst and Spatial Data Manager for WCS Canada. While her primary post is with the Ontario Northern Boreal Landscape Program, Meg shares her skills and expertise across various programs and is an essential member of the KBA Canada team. Meg uses ArcGIS and Python to develop geospatial tools and address different research objectives for the terrestrial and freshwater research programs of WCS Canada. Meg plays a central role in the design of various KBA databases, including our KBA-EBAR GIS database where we do the work to delineate KBAs. In addition to ongoing database management, Meg develops geoprocessing tools to meet the needs of the KBA program and provides technical support and training for KBA regional coordinators. In addition to being a spatial data pro, Meg is a wonderful science communicator with recent publications in Canadian Geographic on identifying priority areas for fish in the Arctic watershed in Ontario, and the importance of peatlands for combating climate change.

Photo courtesy Meg Southee.