Team Spotlight: Jaime Grimm, Research Associate

May 2021

Jaime Grimm is a KBA program research associate, which doesn’t begin to describe the role she plays for the initiative. Jaime is an integral team member of the Canadian KBA Secretariat, responsible for tracking KBAs in progress across the country, and shepherding them through the various stages of development, review and submission. An aquatic ecologist by training, Jaime’s strengths include science communication, research, and rapid skill development. In addition to supporting the work of our various regional coordinators, Jaime has led the development of a number of new KBAs, particularly in regions where sites have been identified but where we don’t yet have a regional coordinator in place. She is also responsible for communication and outreach for KBA Canada, coordinating newsletters, blogs and the monthly webinar series. She has developed a very useful video that explains the technical process of identifying and delineating a KBA, found here. Jaime will be starting a PhD in September, to continue contributing to the science around cumulative effects of anthropogenic stressors on aquatic ecosystems and to further her interest in developing our ability to manage biodiversity and  sea- and land-use decisions in sustainable and just ways.

[Editor’s note: Jaime left the KBA Canada Secretariat to begin her PhD at University of Toronto in September 2021, but we hope to see and work with her again soon!]

Photo courtesy Jaime Grimm.