Team Spotlight: Chloé Debyser, KBA Canada Technical Coordinator

April 2021 (updated Nov 2021)

One of the first people to join the Canadian KBA Secretariat two years ago was Chloé Debyser. As the Technical Coordinator for the Canada KBA initiative, Chloé serves as a bridge between Canada KBA program needs and available technical tools. Chloé is an avid coder in the R programming language who provides analytical support to regional KBA identification efforts throughout Canada and leads national-scale KBA scoping initiatives (among many other things). Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence has improved every product in the KBA program, including the National KBA Standard released in early 2021, of which she is an author. Prior to joining WCS Canada, she conducted data analysis, spatial modelling, and project coordination work for urban greenspace monitoring and landscape connectivity management initiatives in the U.S. and Panama, in collaboration with local government, urban planners, NGOs, consultants, and academics.

Photo courtesy Chloé Debyser