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2201, 2021

Envisioning Compatibilities between Mi’kmaq Environmental Values and KBA Criteria in Mi’kma’ki

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This webinar is presented by WCS Canada/U of Guelph post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Jeffrey Wall. Dr. Wall is an ethnobiologist currently working with Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership, U of Guelph and WCS Canada to develop a conceptual framework capable of envisioning win-win scenarios between First Nations environmental values and biodiversity conservation [...]

1501, 2021

Canada committed to protecting 30% of our territory by 2030. Which 30% should it be?

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Scientists say we should consider biodiversity and ecosystem services when deciding which areas to protect CBC Radio · Posted: Jan 15, 2021 4:14 PM ET | Last Updated: January 15 **Listen to the Quirks and Quarks episode here.** Scientists warn that if we don't act soon to protect our environment, we're in for a [...]

1012, 2020

IBAs and KBAs in Canada: Bridging the Gap for Birds

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Andrew Couturier, Senior Director, Landscape Science and Conservation with Birds Canada will discuss the relationship between Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) and KBAs in Canada. In the late 1990s, Birds Canada led a comprehensive process to identify IBAs, resulting in 600 sites, roughly half of which have stewardship groups [...]

1811, 2020

Getting into the details: how to identify Key Biodiversity Areas, and a look into an ongoing regional KBA initiative in Yukon

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This webinar explores the technical processes used in identifying Key Biodiversity Areas in Canada. Jaime Grimm of WCS Canada walks through the steps for identifying and delineating a KBA, using an example case. She discusses the types and sources of data used to calculate the quantitative thresholds necessary to meeting [...]

1410, 2020

How Key Biodiversity Areas can guide conservation in Canada

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The Canadian federal government recently announced its commitment to protecting 30% of land and marine areas by 2030. In pursuit of these targets, it’s essential that we work together to prioritize conservation efforts in areas that will best support the persistence of biodiversity. KBA Canada Coordinator, Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne, presented a [...]