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1006, 2021

Key Biodiversity Areas in Canada: Updates and Progress

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This special webinar will explored all aspects of work completed over the last two years to identify and delineate Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) in Canada, and will present plans for the next two years. Updates include progress after two years, how the work is being conducted, who's involved and how [...]

2505, 2021

A roadmap for businesses operating in Key Biodiversity Areas

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Giulia Carbone, Deputy Director of the Global Business and Biodiversity Programme at IUCN, presented a roadmap for businesses operating in and around Key Biodiversity Areas, some of the most biologically significant places on the planet. The report, Guidelines on Business and KBAs: Managing Risk to Biodiversity outlines steps that businesses [...]

2105, 2021

Key Biodiversity Areas for focus biodiversity conservation in Canada

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Presentation by Jaime Grimm for the International Association for Great Lakes Research 64th Annual Conference. Canada has high ambitions to protect much of its lands and waters over the coming decades, and must focus on protecting the right places. Among other values that deserve attention, such as biocultural values and [...]

604, 2021

Recognizing Biodiversity Strongholds: Key Biodiversity Areas in Ontario

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By Jaime Grimm, Key Biodiversity Areas Research Associate, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. Published in the Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network blog Last year, we wrote about our work to identify Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) in Canada. These are places with exceptional biodiversity, and can be found anywhere from scenic wilderness areas, [...]

1803, 2021

A National Standard for the Identification of KBAs in Canada

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The Global Standard for the Identification of Key Biodiversity Areas (the “KBA Standard”) outlines the rules for identifying KBAs and ensures that all globally-recognized KBAs worldwide are identified in a way that is objective, transparent and rigorous. In addition, it encourages coordinators of in-country KBA identification processes to adapt KBA [...]